George & Andrea Bukes

Owner Partner

Vacanza Stay has been wonderful to work with! We have now been owner partners with Vacanza Stay for the last year and a half, even though there are dozens of property managers to choose from. We felt the most comfortable having Vacanza Stay manage our home away from home. 

A few years ago, we rented a home through Vacanza Stay and, as guests, had a great experience with how thorough they were and how responsive they were to any requests we made as guests at the property. Even when the problem came up, they were quick to step in and do anything they could to resolve it.

Once we had that experience as a guest when we purchased our own property and decided to have that as a short-term rental, we knew Vacanza Stay was going to be the right team for us.

It has been about a year and a half that we have on our home, and we have been extremely happy with the overall experience with the Vacanza Stay team. Communication is one of the most important factors in a partnership, and they hands-down have some of the best communication and response time, which makes us feel at ease.

I would certainly recommend them as a property manager and business partner.